Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Turningstone, meh. Vegas, yay.

I just arrived in the 2nd part of my adventurous summer journey in Las Vegas. The first part consisted of a 9 night stay at Turning Stone resort and casino. I ran awful in all the tournaments and had a great time chilling with friends. I don't want to post any poker content from the trip. Every time I play live it is more and more amazing how awful everyone is. I am staying with Aaron (Been) and Kush (Patel) in their condo until I book a flight back. The time zone is so unreal out here where you could feasibly win the Stars $150+12 then go out to the Rhino by midnight to celebrate. It is a great atmosphere here and I can't wait to meet/hang out with more friends.

I hope to play some live with a POS ID I got from a friend, but hopefully I won't get as far as being carded. Oh, and yesterday Chad Brown tried to fight Aaron LOL. Evidently Aaron tapped the glass (told Vannessa Rousso how badly she played a hand to her face) and her roided up boyfriend Chad Brown decided to get macho. Nothing really amounted to it as Vanessa is just a little innocent 24 year old girl who can't handle the truth that she just gets endorsed to look pretty as she spews all her chips in these tournaments. It happened in the WSOP $2500 6max event. Either way it was hilarious, and got a huge thread started in the News, Views, and Gossip forum on 2+2. I'll post some pictures later of the place, and hopefully have some Downtown Chad Brown vs. Aaron Butter Bean update with a pay per view date.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Every Sunday feels like a boxing match

This is dug up from a post on 2+2 a while ago but I never posted it on my blog, enjoy.
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Also, congrats to MrSmokey1 for winning the $5k Mixed Hold Em event at the WSOP and being the youngest at 21 years 10 days old to win a bracelet in history. I really enjoy seeing my friends do well. There are so many haters and jealous people out there, F 'em Steve.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

This is why I'm hot

So I haven't posted in a while, standard. I've been on a sick heater the past few weeks that include in a win in the FTP $1k Monday for $66.5k, an Aruba package worth $8.5k ($5.5k buy in $3k travel), and about 8 other scores for about $45kish. By far the peak of my poker career so far was the $1k Monday win. I feel I played every situation pretty optimally and got lucky in a few key spots. It's hard to realize how much money it really is since I had some makeup with my backers and was only get a %. The recent success I've been having has allowed me to quit my backers and play on my own which is awesome. My backers were great, it was just time for me to move on so I could earn 100% of myself.

Whenever my next check from Pokerstars arrives I will be on my way to Reeds Jewelers to purchase this: Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket!!!!! It's $5200 but since I'll be paying in cash I think I can cut off a few hundred. This is the submariner but with a solid silver pearl band and a black face. I tried it on in the store and it is quite the timepiece.

I booked a room in the Lodge at Turning Stone for June 9th-19th. I'll be there for the Heartland Poker Tour which should be fun with a $1k and $2500 event. I have a pretty busy next 4 months coming up. I'll be going to TS for 10 days. Immediately after TS I'm taking a flight to Vegas to stay for a week with various friends but to start off with just Kush and Aaron. I'm 18 so can't play so I'll just go to torture myself. I think I can get some sort of fake ID that I'll be able to play some live cash sessions and get into a few clubs. After I take a break in July, TS has another tournament series in August. This series has a siiick schedule though including a $300 6-max, $200 rebuy, $1k, and a $5k. WSOPE isn't 100% but I really plan on going to that in September. Late September, early October, I'll go to play in the Aruba Classic.

I'll post some TS updates and try to keep track of tournament stuff as a routine will help me focus like I know I can. I'll post more as I forgot my password again then somehow was logged in all of a sudden. I'ma life donk.