Saturday, October 6, 2007


I have been pretty busy as of late. My mom tore muscles inside her stomach and had some internal bleeding to cause her to go to the hospital. She's alot better and even back at work now. During the chaos, though, I wasn't able to get my passport in time for Aruba. Pretty shitty couple of weeks for life outside of poker.

Finally playing well along with the combination of running well. I was able to get 2nd this past week in the UB $200k for $26.5k. That along with other good WCOOP finishes helped a nice profit from 2+2 and P5's prop bets. I just got xbox live, so I've been playing alot of Halo 3. I'm not that good, but it's more just for fun/venting.

The whole schedule I had mapped out to go play the past few months totally fell through. I've planned on going to WPT Niagara in Canada on Oct 26th. It's a $10k buy in w/ a sick structure so I'll be looking forward to it. After that my next stop will probably be Aussie for the Aussie Millions. That's in January though, so I'll worry about that after Niagara.

Just thought I'd post a quick update since I had some free time. OH and go Indians! I made a bet before the MLB season at 12/1 for the tribe to win the World Series. So risk 250 to win 3k, but I don't sports bet often if hardly any.