Monday, September 3, 2007

Home soon

I'm leaving Atlanta tomorrow and coming back to Greenville. I saw the Braves lose to the Mets on Saturday but it was a good time. I've been staying with a friend Nat Arem and went to play Sunday tournaments at Yellowsub's place in Athens today. It was a nice getaway from Greenville and I now have a week till I leave for WSOPE. I still need to find my passport which worries me. Oh, and if I overwrite stuff from before just disregard it since I don't read my last post. It's more of a spontaneous bored type of thing. Before I went to Atlanta I stayed a night with some friends from high school at UNC. It was okay but the sororities were doing a no boys no booze week or something so it was somewhat a sausage party. Anywho, I bought a ballin recliner from Bostic Sugg Wednesday but won't get a chance to really test it out till I get back home. Also thinking about getting an Iphone since I lost my ipod (again) and don't enjoy my Verizon service (pretty much all phone services are equally shitty so what's the difference). I'll post a pic of my recliner before I (hopefully) leave for London on Saturday.

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