Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Overdue update

August 7th I won the Stars $100k guaranteed for $29kish to begin the break out of a huge slump I was in (partly due to lack of volume). I turned 19 on August 9th and went to Verona NY to Turning Stone for another tournament series.
Everything had gone wrong including a flight delay over 14 hours, lost AJ to 74 all in on a A88 flop in the $300 6max, $1k final table bubble (12th), and had bruised/swollen/almost fractured my left index finger playing kickball. Seriously WTF? I get back from the Emergency room about 4am and get a solid 5 hours of sleep before the $5k day 1.
After starting with 10k in chips I ended day 1 the shortest stack still in with 6600. After easily the most frustrating day of live poker ever, I somehow ninja'ed my way to 78,200 going into day 3 for the final table at the 1200/2400/300a level. Run good, play good, chop 4 ways when one guy offers up 10k in equity after saying he'd be happy with $75k. So I ended up benefiting somewhat getting $105k out of the deal. Of course I'm backed so I get a percent. Anyone who thinks all players buy in to events like these are either naive or ignorant with bankroll management.
I'll be going to Atlanta this upcoming weekend to see them host the Mets Saturday at 3:55pm. While there I'll be staying with Nat Arem and probably go visit Yellowsub and the domeski crew. I'll try to give a more detailed TS trip report later.

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