Monday, August 13, 2007

TS trip update

So far, so bad. Flight delays and other ridiculous bullshit caused me to miss the first $300+40 freezeout. I played the $200 rebuy today and ran pretty bad to bust 38th out of 140. I wasin for 1800 and played pretty optimally but what can you do.

I won the Stuper the other night (Aug 7th) for 29k to get out of an online slump I'd been in. It was a pretty decent birthday present for when I turned 19 on the 9th. Debating on getting a few hours sleep and playing the bounty tournament tomorrow or sleeping in/scheduling a massage. So far up $500 in Wii tennis props husting Shaundeeb. More shananigans of stories of me losing money to come.

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