Sunday, August 5, 2007

Vegas Pics

I said I'd upload them later so here they are. The complex I stayed in @ Aaron and Kush's place is called Panorama Towers. It's located behind the Bellagio and is a 5 minute ride to the Rio. Some of the balcony pictures are reflections. The dudes you see on the DDR machine is my friends and TwistedEcho. You might say "LOL DDR SO GHEY" but if I won a bracelet I'd be dancing too! Here is a pokernews video with Mig after he won Event 22 $5k NLHE. TwistedEcho is from London and they do everything backwards over there anyway so whatever. Those were the 2 best excuses I can come up with why you could reason dancing in an arcade in public in Vegas. Here is a slideshow from my photobucket albumn since I am too lazy to resize them right now.

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